Architectural Specifications

Specification for Custom Athletic Wood Lockers: Industry-leading Standards

Locker specs that give your project accuracy and precision. Designed by the top authority on wood lockers.

GENERAL — This section covers wood construction, open front athletic style lockers. Lockers bodies shall be [Choose 1: 18” wide x 18” deep x 72” high –or- 24” wide x 18” deep x 72”-92” high –or- 24” wide x 24” deep x 72”-92” high –or- 30” wide x 24” deep x 72”-92” high]. Lockers shall have an integral lower storage seat area and upper shelf with lockable storage compartment.

SUBMITTALS — Manufacturer shall provide shop drawings, installation drawings, installation manuals and maintenance instructions to owner/installer. Manufacturer to provide samples of wood and finish to owner for selection purposes prior to design and order.

MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION — Lockers bodies shall be fabricated using the Cabineo 12 assembly process. All parts and assemblies shall be fabricated square, rigid and without warp and all surfaces free of scratches and chips. Locker Sides, Shelves, Seat, Panels: 3/4″ plain sliced A-1 Maple veneer plywood, 5- ply fir core with MDF stabilizing layers (ArmorCore® or approved equivalent) Side Edges and Non-Exposed Edges: 3/4″ plain sliced B-1 Maple veneer plywood with 3mm wood edge banding (ArmorCore® or approved equivalent) [If a locker with a recessed or cutback side is chosen, then] Color matched PVC T-mold edge band on curved side edges.

Artwork — on bottom of locker: Approximately 8”W by 6”H vinyl or laser logo artwork applied to front face of foot locker each locker. Color and logo artwork to be approved by owner. Artwork in wardrobe area: Approximately 12” by 12” vinyl artwork applied to front face of inside back area of each locker.

Artwork — on Cubby Door Face: Approximately 6”W by 6”H vinyl or laser logo artwork applied to upper cubby door face of each locker. Color and logo artwork to be approved by owner.

HARDWARE — [If a locker with a lift lid seat system is chosen, then] Lock Systems: Stainless Steel hasp lock on lower foot locker lift lid/seat. [Optional] Lock Systems: stainless steel hasp lock on upper cubby compartment. [Standard] Built in combination dial lock on upper cubby door. [Standard] Clothes Hooks: Three double prong clothes hooks, silver finish [Optional] Clothes Rod: Full width clothes rod, silver finish [Standard] Hinges: Heavy-duty, European style with 110 degree opening Connection hardware for adjacent lockers is provided with each locker. All exposed hardware shall have silver chrome finish with countersunk fasteners.

VENTING — [Optional] Steel mesh face insert in foot locker face- uses natural air convection. Powder coat silver color. [Optional] Vertical slot vents in the foot locker face – black plastic inserts.

SHIPPING AND STORAGE — Lockers are shipped fully assembled and packaged for shipping protection. Lockers are intended for indoor storage and use only, do not store or install in wet or high moisture conditions. Allow lockers to acclimate to ambient temperature a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation.

INSTALLATION — Lockers are to be delivered and installed when building is substantially complete and ready for locker installation. Locker bases must be finished, and proper temperature and humidity conditions during storage must be maintained. All lockers are shipped completely assembled, packaged and ready for installation. Locker units shall be anchored to the walls, the bases (supplied and installed by others) and each other using hardware that is appropriate for the substrate. Locker attachment hardware is provided for adjacent locker connections (side-by-side lockers only).

SERVICES — Manufacturer shall advise installer and owner on locker design and layout as well as provide installation and maintenance instructions.

WARRANTY — All lockers are shipped completely assembled and guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Six years. Locks and hardware are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of one year.