High School and Prep School Wood Lockers by American Modern Cabinetry

AMC understands the unique storage needs of students and high school and prep school sports teams. Today, lockers are more than storage solutions, they are increasingly seen as part of the overall athletic and academic package. In fact, private and prep schools are seeking high quality wood locker solutions to entice talented athletes and students, just as competitively as colleges and universities.

Quality Durable Wood Lockers That Stand The Test of Time

AMC recognizes that budgets can be tight for this type of capital improvement. We have designed a line of high school wood lockers and prep school wood lockers to suit a reasonable budget and serve the school and players for a long, long time. Our lockers feature a Air Flow design promotes quick drying time of uniforms, clothes and equipment, protecting school investments all around. Our designs are often copied, but rarely recreated successfully. AMC offers a variety of Locker design options.

Locker Room Design

Building a new facility? AMC offers locker room design solutions that will enhance the value, durability and function of the locker room, on budget and on time. Learn more about how we facilitate the Locker Room Design Process. To keep up with the competition of new facilities, new wood locker systems are being installed across the united states into existing facilities to rejuvenate the facility, improve moral among students, staff and alumni.

Our locker room design process engages the school administration, athletic directors, sports team coaches and can even support presentation to education boards or board of directors to present unique designs and respond to questions about our high quality, durable and functional custom wood lockers.

AMC locker systems provide design, form and function and add to the perceived value of your students, athletes to promote pride, loyalty and long term support from alumni.

Creating a Team Room

AMC clients have found that when investing new wood lockers for an athletic or school facility or renovating an existing locker room the “team room” concept elevates the appreciation and value of a new locker system investment. Nothing promotes school spirit, pride and team morale like a room truly dedicated to the team. AMC offers uniquely designed Football wood locker, Lacrosse wood locker, baseball wood locker, hockey wood locker and basketball wood locker solutions.

All for One, One for All – Flexible Custom Wood Locker Solutions for High Schools and Prep Schools

Need to facilitate many or all sports and teams from one locker room? AMC will work with you to develop a custom locker room design that meets the needs of all possible uses for boys or girls’ sports teams. Your athletes will enjoy using top-of-the-line custom wood lockers, and the school will get more bang for the buck when multiple teams are able to benefit from one fully functional, flexible locker room solution.

Ready to begin planning your new locker room?