Custom Wood Locker Options

Pushing Locker Rooms To The Next Level

Add what you want or take out what you don’t need. Our designs are just recommendations.

Add a lock box, clothes rod, hooks, mirror or name plate. If you have tight space or extra room you can customize your Width, Depth and Height: See our recommended dimensions. Create your own design or let us create a new design that works best for your locker storage needs. Take a look at the custom wood locker options.

  • Laser Engraved Logos

  • Vinyl Seat Cushions

  • Color Logos

  • Door Styles

Laser Engraved Logos


  • Custom school logo of your choice

  • Adds a unique custom touch to your project

  • Any size

  • Dark shading makes your logo pop

Vinyl Seat Cushions


  • Custom team logo available

  • School PMS color matching

  • Sanitary – features advanced germ-fighting material

  • Comfortable, thick pad

Color Logos


  • Matching team color
  • Durable acrylic design

  • High resolution

  • Custom touch to your locker room