College Wood Lockers that Promote Pride and Competitive Advantage

Gain A Decided Recruiting Advantage

Let’s face it. In the competitive world of recruiting student athletes, colleges, teams and coaches need every edge they can get to land the Nation’s best recruits. New, cutting edge sports facilities are being built throughout the country, making it essential for competitive sports programs to put their best foot forward. If you’re not, “keeping up with Jones” you will be left behind. Whether you’re building a new locker room or renovating an existing space, both are tremendous opportunities to have new wood lockers installed. You only get one official visit so don’t miss the opportunity to impress recruits. Let AMC help with a free, no obligation quote!  

Modern, well designed, quality wood lockers speak volumes about the value athletes to their school. Sometimes we see an athlete choose a school based on their athletic experience and an outstanding locker room can influence their decision to choose one school over another.

We Work Directly With:

  • Architects and Designers
  • College Coaches
  • Athletic Department Staff
  • College Facilities Project Managers
  • Equipment Managers and Trainers
  • Construction Managers

How To Best Use AMC to Your Advantage

  1. Free No Obligation CAD Locker Design with Elevation and Section Drawings

    • Not sure what you want? let us take some of your ideas and put them on paper

    • Stop guessing on size and dimensions! We know what works for seat heights, head room, shelf heights and more…

    • Estimating and planning for projects that are over a year away

  2. Free No Obligation CAD Room Layout Design Plan View

    • If you are just beginning to explore your options use Prozone Athletic to see how many lockers you can fit and at what size

    • Maximize Space – Don’t guess, we calculate corner conditions and fillers for you.

    • We know tolerances, handicap accessible requirements and can stop potential issues before they arise

  3. Free No Obligation Price Quote

    • Need a budget to present to an Athletic Director or Board

    • Looking to start an alumni donation program

    • Estimating and planning for projects that are over a year away

From Design to Locker Installation: A 10 Step Process to the Buying Process of College Wood Lockers

  1. Contact American Modern Cabinetry
  2. Create plans and Specs or supply AMC with Plans and Specs
  3. AMC creates a proposal (usually in under a week)
  4. Get proposal approved
  5. AMC creates shop drawings which show how lockers are actually manufactured. (usually in under a week)
  6. Have drawings signed off on and approved
  7. Manufacturing Begins
  8. Lockers shipped as fully assembled, individual units.
  9. Install Lockers
  10. Show off new lockers!